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I don't know about you, but I don't want to keep throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. I'd rather truly invest in myself and discover my unique version of healthy for good.

There are hundreds and thousands of coaches promoting their services and their position on health. There are endless diets to choose from and of course, books to read and things to watch. 

There is always going to be new science to learn, new fads to try, and new information to consume. Health is very complex, but it’s also very personal. Health shouldn't be based on a one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s entirely why we have all this information to choose from. My health coaching is about finding what works uniquely for you, so you don’t have to keep trying and you can just know. 

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Since you're here, I'd be willing to bet you're sick of dieting and deprivation. You're done working your ass off to lose weight only to gain it back in what seems like warp speed. I get it. I've been there. (Haven’t we all?) That's why my approach to health and weight loss is going to get you those results you've been after for so long — without the crazy dieting and insane workouts. 

No matter how hard your weight loss journey has been, when you're finally ready to surrender and try something new, the health and the life you've been longing for awaits.

You’ll never realize how bad you’re feeling until you start to feel good.

You want more for yourself, but you feel so far away from that woman you want to be. You long for understanding, because we both know that once you discover what works, you’ll stay committed. You’ll achieve the health and the life of your dreams. Easily. But if you’re anything like me… YOU'RE your biggest roadblock, and until you make the decision to get out of your own way and try something new, you'll stay stuck in the same place, getting the same results you've always gotten.

This habit change coaching program identifies your health barriers at the source, all while curating a customized plan uniquely designed for you. 

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- Ketura, client

My weekly sessions were effective, focused and impactful. Each week I made small changes in my life that allowed me to lose weight, renew my mindset about my eating habits, and commit to an active lifestyle."

"Working with Jessica has changed my life.

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If you’ve seen enough and you're ready to see what coaching can do for you, let’s jump on a call. Whether you're looking for a fully customized plan with a high level of support or a short term plan designed to kick start your weight loss journey, I've got you covered. When you make the commitment to talk with me about your health, I get started on figuring out a plan for you-right then and there.

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