Are you always hungry? Like the kind of hungry where you eat a meal and then an hour later your stomach is growling and you’re watching the clock in preparation for your next meal? The kind of hungry that stays around pretty much all day? The kind of hungry where you’re never really full or […]


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This blog is a space made for you to explore, deepen understanding, and help yourself even further on your journey to health. My only hope for this blog is to inspire you through personal experience, highlighted breakthroughs, and the, every now and again, kick-your-ass-into-gear kinda pep talk you may need to hear.

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I’m Jessica! Just another health coach promising that I’m the one you need to find yourself to health… except, not really. I can’t promise anything but I will tell you one thing — you made it here for a reason and you owe it to yourself to determine whether or not a coaching experience is what you need to get back to a feel-good place for you. This site is your place to decide. I, of course, hope to hear from you and would LOVE to get the chance to potentially work with you!

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Once Diet-Obsessed Amateur Turned Empowering Health and Mindset Coach

Hi! I’m Jessica.


Most coaches focus on food and exercise. They give tips and recipes and plans and workouts. They focus on behavior change only but my coaching is a little different because I focus on habit change which reaalllyyy changes the game. 

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I would hope you’d check me out before hiring me as your coach! To be completely transparent, I end up becoming BFFs with the majority of my clients so go ahead and get to know me here so you can see if we’ll hit it off from the get-go. 

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Maybe you just want a kick start to your weight loss journey; maybe you’re looking for someone to help you get back on track; maybe you’re curious about what coaching can do for you and you just want to dip your toe in for now. Either way, this 5 week intensive will help you get well on your way to achieving your weight loss or wellness goal.

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